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In which ‘talking points’ is defined as any statement made by someone Heraldo didn’t vote for

Newman’s big head

Let’s see how that works in a sentence:

That’s strange coming from someone [in this case Eureka City Councilman Mike Newman] who ignored comments from his own constituents… and stuck to his ill-informed talking points.

By comparison, any comment made by Linda Atkins can be described as  “orotund magniloquence” or, alternatively, “even bitchier in person.”

In which the Qaddafy-Julie Williams thing actually turns out to be one of Heraldo’s more insightful analogies

Ingomar faces lawsuit, darling

It looks like Eureka City Hall and the Exclusive Ingomar Club–housed in the city’s famous Carson Mansion–have something else in common besides being a haven for Humboldt County’s conservative players.

If Larry Glass shrieked and threw chairs in the Ingomar Club, that would be another commonality.

In which Heraldo fights to end the scourge of participatory democracy

DEVELOPERS: Stop the General Plan Update

For the last several years, the NCHB and their ilk have dominated almost every meeting of the Planning Commission or any other body focused on future development in Humboldt County.

And good peace-loving people everywhere demand an end to unsolicited meeting attendance.

In which Heraldo’s intellectual deficit refuses to be overshadowed by his poor grammar

Yes, master

Developer overlord Rob Arkley wants the long-overdue GPU stopped until every elected seat is filled with a butt that will do his bidding — much like the City of Eureka.

He had me at butts that do his bidding.

In which Heraldo scrapes the very bottom of the news barrel

Tap into your tap

HSU students promote tap water over bottled water.

And bong water over both of those.

In which finally something useful is discussed

Keep it up

Need to learn how to pick up the ladies?  Make more money?  Maintain an erection?

Throw in a bit about the meaning of life and I think all the bases are covered.

In which we realize why Westsiders are so eager to re-open a school

Westsiders host movie fundraiser Saturday

The remedial spelling fundraiser will take place the following night.